Care for the environment and our community has been at the heart of Crystal Print for over 40 years. Our products and our internal processes are all geared toward reducing, reusing, and recycling to maximize the use of materials and minimize our carbon footprint and environmental impact. The steps below are only an example of the steps we’ve taken to be a steward to our environment and to help our customers achieve their sustainability goals.


  • We maintain our world-class quality management program to minimize the amount of process scrap and waste in our production; our scrap rate is less than half that of our competitors
  • As we own our own trucking fleet, we maximize our shipping lane efficiency to reduce fuel usage and our carbon footprint
  • We rely heavily on renewable energy for our facility; over 40% of our electricity comes from sustainable or renewable sources


  • We have a customer returns program with incentives to return packaging materials such as pallets, cores, and corrugated boxes for reuse
  • All process fluids are captured, cleaned, and reused in our production process


  • All of our polyethylene films are 100% mechanically recyclable
  • We have developed several film blends incorporating Post Industrial Recycled (PIR) and Post Consumer Recycled (PCR) material. These blends are custom-made for our customers and can be configured with up to 100% recycled content
  • Our in-house repelletizing capability allows us to purchase outside scrap and turn it into PIR material for use in new production; we also repelletize all of our internal scrap, which means zero plastic waste to landfill
  • We purchase scrap poly from our customers, which is securely recycled in-house